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Fire Curtains

Beck Studios Theater Rigging and Motorized Stage Rigging

Fire curtains, also known as safety curtains, are self closing barriers designed to provide separation between the stage and the auditorium in the event of a fire. Local building codes do vary requiring different types of fire protection. Consult your local Fire Marshal and building codes to determine the system required for your facility.

There are basically two types of fire curtains: straight lift and brail.

Straight Lift Safety Curtains

Straight lift fire curtains are used when there is adequate space above the proscenium for the storage of the curtain. Straight lift curtains can be either motorized or manually operated.

Brail Safety Curtains

Brail fire curtains are used where the space above the proscenium is not sufficient for the storage of a straight lift curtain. Raising and lowering of the brail curtains can be done with either a manual or motorized winch.

Fire Curtain Release

The emergency release system must effectively lower the curtain in the event of fire with or without human intervention. There are several forms of emergency release systems utilizing manual pull pin boxes, fusible links, and an optional electronic rate-of-rise release system.


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