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Beck Studios is an authorized distributor of Chauvet Lighting products and brands.


CHAUVET Professional is the thoughtful, forward-looking choice for Lighting Designers, offering a carefully focused selection of products that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete quality lighting projects.

Main applications: concerts, stage and event productions, touring, theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, houses of worship, television and architainment.

CHAUVET DJ is the worlds most recognizable and trusted brand in  

DJ lighting.  Chauvet continues to offer the most innovative and creative lighting and atmospheric equipment on the market today.

Chauvet & Sons

ChamSys is committed to meeting the needs of lighting professionals using innovative designs and incorporating the latest technology, but always with an eye on our four core design philosophies:

  • Reliability          building products that hold up in rigorous touring situations, which are dependable and robust

  • Compatibility designing so that each model and software version plays well with the rest of the line.

  • Connectivity      supporting a wide range of protocols and third party products

  • Scalability       ensuring that there’s an intelligent upgrade path from a novice user to seasoned power user

ChamSys QuickQ30

Trusst offers trussing, clamps, and presentation solutions that add elegance and impact to events and productions while ensuring the highest safety and value standards. Trusst products give you the necessary tools to enhance any event. Trusst offers straight and curved sections, corners, base plates, clamps, totem kits, fabric scrims, accessories, and quickly assembled Goal Post and Arch Kits. Our truss sections are made of 6082-T6 aluminum alloy. SLV certified welders perform all welding. All straight sections are certified to meet stringent TUV safety standards. Additionally, all products are inspected to maintain the highest quality and safety standards possible.

1.5 m (4.92 ft) Straight Section (CT290-415S)
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