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Curtain Finish Options

Curtain with blind grommets

Blind Grommets


100% Full With Grommets

Flat Curtain with grommets and tie line

Zero Fullness (Flat) With Tie Line and Grommets


75% Full With Grommets

50% Full With Hidden Snap Hooks


Curtain With Lining

What is meant by CURTAIN FULLNESS?

Fullness refers to the extra fabric incorporated into a curtain to give it depth.  A curtain with 0% fullness is flat such as a drop or scrim.  A curtain with 50% fullness will use 50% more fabric to create the pleating common in stage drapery.  Increasing fullness creates more visual depth as well as creating a higher level of sound and light absorption.

Stage Curtain Fullness

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