Offering industry-leading brands in stage & theater rigging and counterweight systems. 

Beck Studios installs all types of stage rigging systems for a variety of venues, including schools, professional theaters, churches and even companies.  Our many years of experience in the industry give us the ability to design and install a safe, reliable, and unique rigging system to meet your specifications.

We offer all types of rigging, from basic fixed systems to specialized counterweight and motorized rigging.  And Beck Studios guarantees that the final installation will be safe and installed with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.  

We pride ourselves in using the best brands in the industry for our custom rigging and counterweight applications, including:

  • JR Clancy/Wenger®

  • THERN® Stage Equipment

  • Automatic Devices Company®

  • H&H Specialties®



Counterweight sets are a manual method of raising and lowering stage equipment. A counter-balance arbor is required which must have the same amount of weight as the object to be moved. Therefore a 500 pound light batten would require 500 pounds of weight to be loaded on the arbor. Counterweight sets should only be operated by properly trained and supervised personnel.


Dead hung or fixed rigging sets cannot be raised or lowered. Dead hung sets are typically installed in facilities were there is not sufficient space above the proscenium to effectively raise and lower sets.


Motorized stage rigging moves stage scenery safely with speed and accuracy. Although proper training is required to operate all stage rigging, motorized sets do not require the adjustment of counterweight sets and are therefore easier to operate. Computerized controls provide an unmatched level of precision and repeatability for cues, making each performance more uniform, while still maintaining the overrides necessary for safety.


Safety a top priority at Beck Studios, and proper training is essential for ensuring a safe and functioning stage.  Accidents occur mostly due to human error, not equipment failure.  

The staff at Beck Studios are fully trained and ETCP certified for stage rigging.  We will train your personnel to safely and correctly operate all your stage rigging and theatrical equipment.  Official training sessions are available, with pricing based on your unique requirements.  

For assistance with crew training, contact us at

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