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Also called the "front", house or act curtain.  Located upstage of the proscenium opening on one of the first two rigging sets. Main curtains are typically fabricated to match the décor and color of the auditorium and should be a focal point for the audience prior to the start of a performance. Main curtains can be standard two sections bi-parting, more elaborate Guillotine, Austrian or Venation.


Located downstage of the main drape, it masks the top of the main drape. Valance Curtains are typically fabricated of the same material and color as the main curtain. The valance curtain height can be adjusted to control the height of the proscenium opening and sight lines.


Used to mask, the rigging system, curtain tracks and lighting equipment on stage from the audiences view. Borders are typically black and can be furnished with or without fullness.


Scrim Drops can provide multiple effects. With proper lighting, scrim can appear opaque when lit from the front and translucent when lit from the rear. This quality allows for a wonderful bleed-through effect revealing or concealing other backdrops, scenery or actors by shifting the lighting gradually from rear to front and vice versa.


A generic term used for any fabric suspended from a pipe batten and weighted with a pipe or chain at the bottom. Types of drops include: scrims, cycloramas and painted drops.


All drapery supplied by Beck Studios meets requirements of the NFPA 701: Standard Method of Fire Test for Flame Resistant Textiles & Films.  We can also supply inherently flame resistant fabrics (IFR) made of a noncombustible and flame-resistant for the life of the fabric. These are great options for school curtains and many other applications.


Used to mask the off-stage wing space on either side of the proscenium from the view of the audience. Leg curtains are typically installed parallel to the proscenium opening but can be furnished with pivots that allow the legs to be turned at an angle to the proscenium. Legs curtains are typically black and can be furnished with or without fullness.


Traveler curtains also help "mask" areas upstage of the proscenium curtains. They are made of two bi-parting sections. Traveler Curtains can be used to shorten the stage and provide backdrops for presentations, movie screens, concerts and other theater usages. Travelers are typically similar in construction to the legs for fabric, color and fullness. A bi-parting traveler requires a curtain track system for operations.


Typically located at the rear of the stage, used primarily for lighting or projection. The cyclorama can be lit with colored lights to set atmosphere for different scenes. Most often cycloramas are made from seamed or seamless natural or sky blue muslin.

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