Much has changed in the world over the past 160 years.  But one thing that has remained constant is Beck Studios.  

Beck Studios was founded in 1856 by William Beck, an immigrant from Germany who intended to establish himself as a children's tailor. Along the way, he discovered a love of theater and theatrical production and eventually began to supply costumes and props, stage curtains, drops, parade swags, mirror balls, and other stage dressing. While we no longer supply props and costumes - you won't find any bespoke unicorns or suits of armor hanging around our shop - we are proud to continue to supply and install the latest in theatrical rigging, lighting, and stage curtains.

Although the technology has changed drastically since those early days in 1856, our commitment to excellence remains the same. 

Our History Gallery

Painting of our old location on Dorcester

Our Old Location on Dorcester

Our First Location on Vine Street

Old Leaflet

Cincinnati Enquirer Article

Cincinnati Enquirer Article


Decorations for a Celebration

Decorations for a Celebration

Decorations for a Church

Window Drop

Swags on JC Penney Downtown

Swags for a Parade

Woodland Hand Painted Drop

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