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What does it mean if a curtain fabric is IFR?

IFR stands for INHERENTLY FLAME RETARDANT.  IFR fabric is manufactured to be flame resistant for the life of the fabric and does not require retreating.  Not only is this a safer choice for your curtains,  it also saves money as they do not need to be sent out for treatment.

How often should we have our non-IFR curtains treated?

Many factors can be taken into account when it comes to the time between treatments. Age and environmental factors such as humidity and exposure to dirt are a few of these considerations.  The common answer to this question is every 3-5 years.  If you are unsure, you can schedule a flame test to determine if your curtains comply.

What is meant by CURTAIN FULLNESS?

Fullness refers to the extra fabric incorporated into a curtain to give it depth.  A curtain with 0% fullness is flat such as a drop or scrim.  A curtain with 50% fullness will use 50% more fabric to create the pleating common in stage drapery.  Increasing fullness creates more visual depth as well as creating a higher level of sound and light absorption.

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